Feeling Sick? Your Teeth Hold the Answers

The mouth-body wellness connectionDid you know that problems with your two front teeth could be indicative of a health issue with your bladder or kidneys? If you’re familiar with Chinese medicine or acupuncture, you’ve heard about meridians – the channels through which energy flow in the body. If someone has a bad tooth, the energy that flows through the corresponding meridian will be affected and could, in turn, impact the health of other parts of your body.

This fascinating meridian tooth chart identifies which organs, tissues, or glands correlate to which teeth, and an experienced holistic dentist can assess your overall health and wellness by reviewing the condition of your teeth. During a thorough dental exam, you may discover that unexplainable symptoms you’ve been experiencing are actually very explainable. You may find yourself with a recommendation to visit your regular doctor or a specialist in order to determine if your oral indicators indeed mean something more serious is happening within your body. If you have your damaged or infected teeth removed or repaired, however, you may also be in the amazing position of feeling like a brand new you – healthy and without symptoms for the first time in years.

There are other ways that your teeth affect your overall wellness, beyond the indications of the meridian tooth chart.

The Threat of Silver Fillings

If you are still walking around with silver fillings – also known as amalgam fillings – then your body is absorbing mercury every single day. Over time, this metal can build up and mercury toxicity can cause health problems. Having amalgam fillings removed and replaced must be done by a dentist who can properly encapsulate and dispose of the mercury vapor and particulate matter that are released during the procedure to protect patients, staff, and the environment from the hazards of dental mercury.

Amalgam in general is destructive to your teeth. Placing an amalgam filling requires the removal of healthy tooth matter, which weakens the tooth structure. The silver fillings can expand and contract over time. These factors combined can lead to cracked teeth and, ultimately, more dental work. Modern alternatives to amalgam fillings – called non-mercury composite fillings – are designed to preserve healthy tooth structure and strengthen your teeth. Plus, they are tooth-colored and look better too!

The Lingering Effects of Root Canal

If you’ve had a root canal, you likely still have a dead tooth sitting in your mouth, even if it’s been capped by a porcelain crown. A root canal, though designed to seal off the roots of your teeth, is not thorough, and the sterilization process that accompanies root canal is faulty, leaving pathways open for bacteria to enter your body through your mouth.

The Full-Body Impact of Gum Disease

Inflammation of the gums may be a sign of gum disease, but this oral inflammation may also be a sign that there is inflammation elsewhere in your body. Researchers have been studying the connection between oral health and cardiovascular health and there may be a link between tooth and gum health and incidents of stroke or heart attack.

Your mouth and teeth are incredibly important to your total health and wellness, and it’s possible that your teeth hold the answers to some of your lingering health conditions. Visit an experienced biological dentist who has a thorough understanding of the tooth and body connection and is concerned with helping you achieve total health, mouth and body. Contact Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to schedule your evaluation today.

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