Say Goodbye to Toxic Silver Fillings with Safe Amalgam Removal

Amalgam fillingAt one time, amalgam fillings were the norm. You could tell someone had a cavity repaired or a tooth filled by the amount of silver gleaming in their mouth. Composite fillings are now the most common option, offering dentists a way to provide their patients with tooth-colored fillings. There’s another reason composite fillings are the choice of holistic dentists – they’re without mercury. If you’re one of the many people who still have silver fillings, it’s not just a matter of switching out the amalgam for composite. There is a proper and safe procedure for amalgam removal – and you want to make sure your dentist knows how to perform it to protect yourself from further unnecessary mercury exposure.

Mercury is a toxin that has been identified as a serious environmental hazard. Dental mercury in your fillings is also doing damage to your body, exposing you to low levels of mercury that can be absorbed into your bloodstream and tissues. Mercury exposure can cause cardiovascular problems, neurological disorders, emotional problems, arthritis, a weakened immune system, and allergies.

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The Safe Removal of Silver Fillings

When you’re having amalgam fillings removed – which is a very wise decision – it’s still important to ensure that the dentist you’re visiting is properly trained in this procedure and that their office is properly equipped to manage the removal of the mercury safely. To avoid mercury exposure during the removal of your metal fillings, your dentist should:

  • Use a non-latex rubber dam to isolate the teeth, thereby reducing the level of mercury vapors that could enter your oral cavity and tissues.
  • Provide oxygen masks during the procedure so that less mercury vapor is inhaled during the removal and the air remains pure.
  • Keep the amalgam filling cool after its removal, and cut it into chunks so that less drilling is needed and the vapors released are minimized.
  • Use a high-volume excavator suction system to capture mercury vapor and particles that may be released during the procedure.

Get Rid of Mercury

Fillings may seem small and inconsequential, but those made with mercury can significantly impact your overall health and wellness. Some amalgam fillings can contain as much mercury as a thermometer. Silver amalgam fillings are no longer considered to be a safe filling option, and at the International Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Yolanda Cintron offers safe amalgam removal and carefully disposes of the harmful mercury tooth fillings to protect both her patients and the environment.

Ready to find out if your fillings are causing your health problems? Ready to say yes to amalgam removal and non-mercury fillings? Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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