Dr. Cintron on the Airwaves: How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

Dr Cintron on the radioDr. Yolanda Cintron completed her three-show guest appearance on Conny’s Health and Fitness Show on Boca Raton’s WWNN 1470 AM on May 26, zeroing in on how the answer to health problems can be found in your mouth and your diet.

One call-in patient described her journey to move beyond the traditional dental route and seek out a biocompatible dentist. She went to Dr. Cintron with a root canal problem, ultimately discovering that her root canal infection was incredibly serious and stretched deep into her jaw. Dr. Cintron addressed the problem immediately, identifying that the root canal was on meridian 14, which is in the sinus area. Removing the root canal, cleaning it, then reconstructing the area gave the patient new life and better health.

Dr. Cintron expanded on the meridians, explaining how she’s seen patients with breast cancer who had root canals on the teeth that have the breast in that meridian. The same goes for prostate cancer. She began to see a pattern, and now some doctors send their patients to Dr. Cintron before they undergo surgery to make sure the infections in their mouth are gone.

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What Goes In Your Mouth? From Food to Dental Solutions

One of the issues that Conny and Dr. Cintron spent some time on was how much what goes in your mouth affects your oral health as well as your overall health. This goes for diet – knowing that the wrong foods can support cancer cell growth – but also dental solutions. Your teeth could be making you toxic. Biocompatibility testing can identify what types of oral health solutions are right for a person, and which could make them even more uncomfortable or sick.

For people with mercury fillings – and mercury is one of the most toxic materials in the world – your body attempts to protect you from the toxicity by creating candida. This yeast can then appear in a person’s mouth and infect other organs and glands. This is just one example of the body trying to compensate for toxicity.

Your health problems can start in your mouth – and what you eat and the kind of dental repairs you receive can impact your overall well-being. Don’t miss out on the knowledge imparted by Dr. Cintron in this three-part series. Listen to the earlier interviews from Dr. Cintron’s first appearance which focused on the relationship between your teeth and your body, and the second interview which focused on oral cancer and mercury toxicity. Or discuss these topics with Dr. Cintron in person when you schedule an appointment with her at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence.

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