Tooth-Colored Fillings Are About More Than Aesthetics

Non-mercury fillingsThere was a time when amalgam fillings were the only option when you had a cavity or needed a tooth filling. The development of composite, non-mercury fillings, however, completely changed the look of unsightly silver fillings. A mouth can now have any number of fillings and no one has to know because the fillings are tooth-colored and natural-looking. But as it turns out, composite fillings have an even bigger benefit than aesthetics. They can save your life.

A tooth filling can’t be that life-changing can it? As a matter of fact, it can. People with silver fillings in their mouth are absorbing mercury every day. And recent research has shown that mercury toxicity plays a part in the development of all sorts of ailments, from depression to cancer. The fact is that there is no safe level of mercury for a body to be exposed to, according to the World Health Organization.

While the amount of mercury in an amalgam filling may be minimal, over time this metal can directly or indirectly cause, contribute to, or exacerbate nearly every health issue your body experiences. The mercury in amalgam fillings can spread into your blood and organs, affecting how your systems work and impacting your overall well-being, not just the health of your mouth.

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Eliminating Mercury Toxicity from Your Mouth

If you are living with amalgam fillings, it’s important to have them removed the right way so that you limit further exposure to mercury, and so that the environment isn’t damaged by this element either. The safe removal of amalgam fillings needs to be completed by a dentist who is properly trained in this treatment and whose office is equipped to adequately capture and dispose of the mercury vapor and particulate matter released during the procedure. If your holistic dentist is taking that much care to protect you, herself, her staff, her office, and the earth from the toxicity of your dental mercury fillings, think about what kind of damage the fillings are doing by residing in your mouth.

Changing the Health of Your Mouth

Once your amalgam fillings have been removed, your dentist will replace them with composite non-mercury fillings. Amalgam fillings, besides being laced with mercury, can weaken the tooth structure by expanding and contracting over time, leading to cracked or broken teeth. Non-mercury, tooth-colored fillings are designed to preserve your healthy tooth structure – not compromise it – and strengthen your teeth.

Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to learn more about the removal of amalgam fillings and their replacement with non-mercury fillings. Changing this element of your oral health can improve your overall health and change your life.

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