The Anti-Aging Secret: Cosmetic Dentistry

Anti aging dentistry cosmetic dentistryIt’s not easy looking in the mirror and seeing your once-smooth skin becoming saggy and wrinkled. Though our faces change subtly over time, you can actually lose years off of your face quickly by opting for something far more powerful than skin creams, makeup, or a new hairstyle: cosmetic dentistry.

You might be skeptical about the idea that altering your teeth could possibly make you look younger, but take it from the experts: New teeth not only make you look younger, they make you look smarter, wealthier, and happier.

Some of the most common complaints about aging can be altered with the right cosmetic dentistry treatment and smile makeover. Below are just some of them:

Aging complaint: Stained teeth
Smile makeover solution: Teeth whitening

Whether it’s a past smoking habit, years of drinking coffee or wine, or just simply aging that’s discolored your teeth, one simple – and extremely fast – cosmetic dentistry treatment can make you look younger and healthier: teeth whitening. In about an hour, a professional teeth whitening treatment can take stained teeth and make them white again. For the deepest stains that even the most powerful teeth whitening cannot penetrate, your dentist may recommend porcelain veneers or Cerinate Lumineers.

Aging complaint: Thin lips
Smile makeover solution: Porcelain veneers

The older you get, the less collagen your body produces, and collagen is what contributes to the volume of your lips. Thin lips are a common aging complaint but there is a much faster way to plump them up than using topical solutions like lip venom. Porcelain veneers change the shape of your teeth and extends them, which makes your lips sit differently on your teeth – and that results in fuller-looking lips. Plus, porcelain veneers do double duty, fixing any cosmetic dental problems you might also have, including chips, cracks, or stains.

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Aging complaint: Sagging cheeks
Smile makeover solution: Dental implants

Tooth loss is a side effect of aging for some people, and the result is not just a gap in your smile, but a compromised foundation for your smile. Missing molars might seem like less of a smile emergency than a missing front tooth and aesthetically that might be true, but a lost molar means that eventually your skin will begin to shift because of the gap in your teeth. Dental implants are a cosmetic dentistry solution that replaces the root of your tooth and rebuilds the groundwork of your smile so you can say goodbye to jowls and sagging skin.

Aging complaint: Broken and chipped teeth
Smile makeover solution: Porcelain veneers

It’s common for aging teeth to chip, crack, or break easily. The possibility of this happening is compounded by bad habits like chewing on ice or attempting to open things with your teeth. Thanks to amazing cosmetic dentistry solutions like porcelain veneers and Cerinate Lumineers, broken or chipped teeth can be fixed easily and quickly. Veneers are incredibly strong and long-lasting and they are the smile makeover technique that will give you that long-coveted Hollywood smile.

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Aging complaint: Dark spaces in your smile
Smile makeover solution: Smile makeover

As you age, it’s not unusual for dark “holes” to develop at the corners of your mouth. You might think it’s impossible to fill these up, so to speak, but the right cosmetic dentistry procedures can manipulate the shape of your teeth and smile to eliminate any dark spaces in your smile. Your cosmetic dentist can determine what techniques are best for your dental needs and, the best part is, solutions like Cerinate Lumineers or porcelain veneers also fill out lines and wrinkles around your mouth and lips.

Ultimately, cosmetic dentistry is, by default, anti-aging dentistry. Anything you have done to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile will make you look better and, most importantly, feel better. When done well and customized to your individual needs, the changes in your smile – no matter how small – will look natural, revitalize your appearance, and make you look younger instantly. And when a smile makeover happens in conjunction with facial cosmetic rejuvenation, you’ll feel like a brand new you.

Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to learn more about your smile makeover options.

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