Non-Mercury Dentistry: Why You Should Have Old Fillings Replaced

dental fillingSilver fillings are unattractive. You throw your head back to laugh at a joke and all people can see are molars embedded with silver. Over time, these fillings may make your teeth even more unattractive, staining them and causing your teeth – and even the surrounding tissue – to appear gray. But it’s not just the aesthetics of silver fillings that are problematic – comprised of mercury, silver fillings are toxic to your health and, over time, will impact your total well-being.

Will Filling Replacement Compromise the Strength of My Teeth?

Some patients wonder whether composite fillings are “good enough” to replace their strong silver fillings. Here’s what you need to be most concerned about: Amalgam fillings are dangerous for your body. The mercury in silver fillings is released with every bite of food, and every day that you keep them in your mouth the greater risk you pose to your health.

Even if your teeth are in poor structural shape after the safe removal of these amalgam fillings, making filling replacement a less viable option, there are other solutions. Damaged, cracked, or compromised teeth can be corrected with durable porcelain crowns instead. And if a tooth needs to be pulled, the biocompatible zirconium dental implants are a permanent, strong solution.

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What If My Body Doesn’t React Well to the Filling Replacement?

When you visit a holistic dentist, the chances of a cosmetic or restorative treatment being rejected by your mouth or body is far less likely than if you visit a traditional dentist – and that’s because a holistic dentist starts from scratch. A holistic dentistry practice subscribes to biocompatibility testing, which determines what fillings materials are best suited for each individual. No matter how sensitive you may be, there is a treatment that will work for your oral health needs. And the more sensitive you are, the more critical it is for you to undergo such simple but informative testing to determine what will work before you undergo any restorative dentistry treatments.

Plus, composite and non-metallic fillings used in modern holistic dentistry practices cause far fewer problems for dental patients in general. Composites are made of microscopic glass particles that are suspended in a plastic resin. While plastics come with their own set of concerns in today’s society, organizations like the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) have conducted thorough reviews and commissioned research projects to investigate plastic concerns, and no BPA leaching or estrogen-like activity were detected.

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What Does Filling Replacement Involve?

Any holistic dentist will strongly urge you to remove any silver fillings and have them replaced with non-mercury composite fillings. The removal of a filling must be done with drilling, and then the cavity must be cleaned before a new filling can be put in place. However, your dentist must be prepared to follow protocol for amalgam filling removal and disposal so that you, the dental office and its occupants, as well as the environment are not harmed by the removal of these fillings laced with mercury.

Once the toxic fillings are removed, your dentist will be able to proceed with whatever dental repairs you may need, whether that is a composite filling replacement or some other type of cosmetic or restorative dentistry work. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to learn more about no mercury dentistry, protecting your mouth and body from toxic treatments, and maintaining your good health.

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