Don’t Ignore These 4 Oral Health Problems

oral health issuesYour oral health offers signs that there is something not quite right with your well-being. Because your mouth and body wellness are so greatly intertwined and influenced by each other, it’s critical for you to maintain awareness of any unusual symptoms with your oral health. Pay attention to what your teeth and gums are trying to tell you. And never ignore these five oral health issues.

Bleeding Gums

Sure, once in a while you might floss a little too hard and your gum starts to bleed. But this outcome should not be an everyday occurrence. And your gums should not bleed unprovoked. In some cases, women may have more sensitive gums because of hormonal changes, pregnancy in particular, but the majority of the time bleeding gums are a sign that something is not right with your oral health. Before your puffy, swollen, bleeding gums – and, most likely, your case of gingivitis – develop into a full-blown case of periodontitis, get thee to a dentist, stat.

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Dry Mouth

Dry mouth has many causes but aging, diabetes and other illnesses, and certain medications play a big role in drying up the all-important saliva that should be in your mouth. Saliva has the critical job of keeping your gums and teeth moist which helps wash bacteria away and prevent it from settling on your teeth and forming plaque. Chewing sugarless gum with xylitol can help stimulate natural saliva production, but visiting your holistic dentist is important if you’re experiencing this symptom so you can not only correct the problem but figure out what’s causing it.

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Bad Breath

There are a variety of sources of bad breath. Obviously, the foods you eat will impact whether your garlic chicken lunch sticks around for the afternoon. But a good brushing and flossing of your teeth and tongue should thoroughly eliminate any traces of stink. When you just can’t seem to shake bad breath, this could indicate that you have gum disease. Quite often, bad breath is how many holistic dentists come to alert a patient that they may have diabetes, especially when no other obvious cause of the bad breath is present.

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Loose Teeth

The only people for whom it is perfectly acceptable to have loose teeth are children who are shedding their baby teeth. If your teeth are loose in their sockets, then it’s a pretty clear indication that gum disease has found a home. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults, and when the gum and bone pull away from a tooth, this creates pockets that build up with food and bacteria, become infected, and are no longer able to hold a tooth in its proper place.

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Fully Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

Whenever you’re experiencing an oral health issue that isn’t easily explained or that is causing you serious pain, discomfort, or embarrassment, it’s important to make an appointment to see your holistic dentist. If gum disease is the culprit – which, in many cases of oral health problems, it is – then you will need periodontal treatment to repair the foundation of your mouth before any repairs can be done to your teeth. Once your mouth is clean of bacteria and gum disease, restorative dentistry can be done to give your mouth full functionality again. This can involve the placement of zirconium dental implants to take the place of missing or loose teeth.

Knowing that your mouth is in good working order and perfect health will boost your confidence so greatly you may want to enhance it even more with cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and Cerinate lumineers are all popular options that change lives and smiles.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at the International Center for Dental Excellence to discuss your oral health and get on the path to total wellness.

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