Why Is Holistic Dentistry On the Rise?

Holistic dentistrySome people are very apprehensive about going to the dentist. They fear the office, the chair, the equipment, the whole experience – and that’s before they even open their mouth for a cleaning or exam. While this concern is understandable for those who have had a bad dental experience in the past, it may reassure you to know that visiting a holistic dentist will change your opinion about dental offices and oral health tenfold.

Treating Teeth, Mouth, and Body

Holistic dentists – also known as biological dentists – treat the whole person, not just teeth. A successful patient visit to a holistic dentistry practice involves addressing oral health concerns, of course, but also solving health problems – oral or otherwise. A holistic dentist isn’t just seeking a quick-fix for your complaint, she’s seeking to discover the real source of the problem – and then solve it.

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Seeking a Long-Term Answer, Not Just Temporary a Solution

In order to determine what kind of oral health problems or systemic issues you have going on, your dentist will recommend biocompatibility testing. And, quite frankly, these simple blood tests can change your life. You might discover that you’re allergic to certain metals – then your dentist knows that you’re better suited for, say, zirconium dental implants instead of titanium dental implants. But the testing goes beyond your mouth, letting you know if you have allergies, intolerance, vitamin deficiencies, and more.

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Discovering Better Health at the Dentist

Maybe you haven’t felt 100 percent lately. Something is off but you just can’t figure it out. You’ve put off going to the doctor, but your dental cleaning and exam are coming up, so you go. And, there you are, discovering that you might be suffering with diabetes or that your body is reacting to mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings. When you’re sick, your teeth often hold the answers, and the biological dentist who is paying careful attention to your mouth and symptoms will figure out what’s really going on so that you feel better, head to toe, body and mind.

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Holistic Dentistry Is Just Safer

A biological dentist is concerned with fixing your oral health complaints with restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, but these solutions are conducted with the safest materials possible. Non-mercury fillings, zirconium dental implants, ceramic zirconia crowns – these are just some of the treatments that repair problem teeth while leaving them even safer after the reconstruction.

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Ready to revitalize your life? Figure out what’s ailing you? Repair your broken or damaged smile? Make an appointment today with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at the International Center for Dental Excellence to discuss your smile makeover options.

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