Keep Dental Anxiety at Bay with Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistryMaybe you had a negative experience at the dentist. Perhaps you have anxiety about the tools a dentist uses. You might be self-conscious about the disrepair your teeth are in. You may have a bad gag reflex or sensitive teeth. There doesn’t have to be a tangible reason for your aversion to the dentist for your anxiety about seeing the dentist to be real. Nevertheless, if your odontophobia – fear of the dentist and receiving dental care – is causing you to neglect having your teeth tended to professionally, this behavior will eventually impact your oral health negatively as well as your overall well-being.

When dental fear translates to dental avoidance, a patient has likely gone years without seeing a dentist. Some people may chalk up a missed appointment to a busy schedule or life events that just get in the way, but when you never reschedule, there is something else going on. And, ultimately, what will happen is that – no matter how well you floss and brush at home – your teeth will begin to show the effects of excess plaque and tartar build-up. You will have stained teeth, develop cavities, and your mouth will just feel gross.

You can convince yourself that your diligent home care for your teeth and gums is enough, but it’s really not. Your dental visit is also important so that your holistic dentist can examine your mouth for potential signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, or other festering problems – and these are symptoms you won’t always be able to notice at home on your own. You want to keep those bi-annual dental check-ups to prevent any new problems from growing bigger, or to catch a problem before it becomes life-altering.

What’s a dental-phobic person to do? Sedation dentistry has made every visit to the dentist more feasible for those who are especially anxious about their next trip to the dentist’s chair.

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Creating the New Positive Experience

Above all, know this: Your dentist’s job is to help you have a healthy, functioning set of teeth and gums. Your dentist is not interested in shaming you for not keeping up with your dental visits, she is concerned with making sure you’re getting the proper care. The goal then is to turn your negative view of the dentist into a positive one, and no stress dentistry helps make that possible.

No stress conscious sedation dentistry allows you to be put under just enough so you’re unaware of whatever treatment you’re having, remain completely relaxed, and feel no pain. You won’t be tense, worry about what’s coming next, or eyeballing the equipment – you’ll be in the zone, a zen dental patient, a happy camper with, ultimately, a healthy set of teeth.

Conscious sedation is a combination of both laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. You won’t have to suffer with tooth pain, tolerate a broken or jagged tooth, or worry any longer about what to do if you’re missing teeth – you can have your oral health problems fixed in what will feel like an instant when no stress sedation is an option.

Soothing music will accompany your treatment, you can even watch television – if you can keep your eyes open. Some patients are so relaxed they actually fall asleep in the chair. Waking up with a brand new smile? That’s a dream come true!

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Rise Above Your Dental Phobia

Ultimately, no matter what level of deterioration your mouth is in, your dentist has already seen it all – you will not be a surprise, nor will your problems be insurmountable. With sedation dentistry you can “sleep” through your periodontal treatment, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. A smile makeover, for many people, is just one or two dental appointments away.

We understand that you have fears, and they are absolutely normal. But we are determined to help put your nerves at ease, so please talk to us about your dental concerns. Dr. Yolanda Cintron wants to make sure you get proper and complete holistic dental care at the International Center for Dental Excellence, and if dental anxiety is one of your worries, then let’s talk about it. Make an appointment today.

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