The Solution to Stop Teeth from Yellowing Isn’t What You Think

Stop teeth from yellowingHaving coffee or soda as vices could stain your teeth. But there is actually one bigger element that could be turning your teeth yellow – permanently. Premature aging can impact the whiteness of your teeth. And you will need more than professional teeth whitening to fix the problem.

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What Makes Teeth Turn Yellow

Extrinsic tooth stains are what develop from wine, tobacco, or coffee habits. The enamel, the external shell of the tooth, is not alive. And this part of the tooth is easily whitened with a whitening treatment.

When the inner part of your tooth yellows, this is known as an intrinsic tooth stain. The dentin inside your teeth is living tissue and, just like your skin wrinkles, the dentin ages. This aging process is what turns your teeth yellow. And whitening the inner part of a tooth is pretty much impossible. Whatever color the tissue inside your teeth is will be reflected through the enamel – so if the dentin turns yellow your teeth will look yellow.

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What Prematurely Ages Teeth?

Just like it’s possible to protect your skin from aging prematurely with lotions and sunblock, there are ways to stop teeth from yellowing and aging. What will make the biggest impact is preserving the internal health of your teeth.

Grinding your teeth is problematic, and regularly putting your teeth under this kind of stress is detrimental to your oral health. Because the living tissue inside your teeth shrinks naturally as a tooth ages, the stress of grinding can speed up the aging and shrinkage, turning the tooth yellow. Seeing your holistic dentist to treat this problem – known as bruxism – can help prevent discoloration.

In some cases, a fall or a hit can cause a person to experience one or two yellow teeth. This abuse damages the dentin of the tooth and causes it to age faster than it should, yellowing it sooner than the neighboring teeth. Something as simple as getting knocked in the tooth by a glass or piece of silverware can impact the health of a tooth. Protecting teeth from accidental trauma, particularly when playing sports, is also important – mouth guards were designed for a reason.

And, of course, what you put into your body also affects the aging of your teeth. Maintain a good diet and good nutrition. Malnourishment can speed up the aging process and the yellowing process. Carefully consider any medications you are taking as well – some can lead to tooth yellowing

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Solutions for Yellow Teeth

For anyone who is dealing with extrinsic tooth stains, a professional teeth whitening treatment from your holistic dentist can transform your smile and your entire appearance. You will look younger and healthier.

Intrinsic tooth stains cannot be corrected by teeth whitening, no matter how powerful. In situations like this, it’s important to address the source of the yellowing, such as TMJ or an underlying health issue. Repairs will need to come in the form of cosmetic dentistry, most often porcelain veneers, which whiten, straighten, and unify teeth until they look natural and healthy.

Discuss the aging process of teeth with holistic dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron at the International Center for Dental Excellence by making an appointment today. Learn more about the best solutions for improving your smile.

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