Dr. Yolanda Cintron – Paracelsus Academy of Biological Medicine

paracelsus academy dr. cintronThis past week Dr. Cintron was trained by the authority on Biological Medicine – Dr. Thomas Rau. Learning never ends when you are practicing medicine, especially if you want to bring your patients the most cutting edge knowledge available. 

The course covered natural and integrated medicine, chronic disease causation, individualized diagnostic, treatments, restorative nutrition, dental and holistic toxicology, and orthomolecular therapy. 

Health and nutrition are essential but we were most interested in Dr. Rau’s fundamental belief that detox starts with the mouth. He has cured diabetes, cancer, autism – you name it with his world renowned techniques. According to Dr. Rau there is no way to progress your health unless your mouth is completely cleared out of toxins, metals, and dead root canal teeth. 

detox cancer slideIt was a joy to spend time with our peers and like minded doctors to find solutions on health and wellness.