Oral Health Summit

oral health smallDear patients, last week we were listening to the Oral Health Summit online. It had dozens of cutting-edge doctors and scientists speak about what we have been sharing with you for the past 21 yrs. I am soooo happy this information is going mainstream and I dream of the day that it will be known globally.

At the Holistic Oral Health Summit, one of the main topics was how Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine. We are in agreement with this as well.

One highlight from the attached slide: “A Harvard study showed that men with gum disease are 63% more likely to get pancreatic cancer.”

They cover a multitude of important subjects like the dangers lurking in your mouth that lead to cancer, chronic diseases, mercury poisoning, root canal removals and more.

“Learn the best ways to improve oral health, prevent and reverse disease symptoms, and save thousands of dollars in unwanted medical expenses” by visiting our website and learning more about how you can reach your health goals.

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Dr. Cintron