Celebrating 21 Years!

On our 21’st year Anniversary this week. We love our team and cannot believe it has been 21 years in Ft. Lauderdale serving the community. Our team is dedicated and loyal. They stay late, work overtime, give everything, and go the extra mile every day for our patients. These are the most amazing people to work with truly dedicated to their craft and fit for the medical field with hearts filled with compassion.

International Center for Dental ExcellenceToday we want to honor these two special employees:

Joe Bellomio clinical director of our dental office is a man of utmost integrity. He is the first one to come in and last one to go out. Truly caring and wanting the best outcome for the patient. I am so grateful he has been with me for 20 years. We thank him and honor him for his loyalty and hard work.

Camille Rodriguez, Sterilization Specialist, we honor and recognize your excellence and professionalism in our practice. You truly deserve this recognition because what you do in our practice keeps us safe and healthy every day.