Join Dr. Yolanda Cintron’s lecture series: Reclaiming Health For Sexual Wellness and Removing Toxic Loads

natural awakenings august 2018Do you have cancer or issues with your prostate, testicles, ovaries, urinary tract, kidneys or bladder?

Please join us to learn more about how to heal from the inside out.

This talk will focus on comprehensive holistic health addressing the mindbody, and soul. We believe that health is not only about treating the symptoms but about getting to the source of the issue and healing in a holistic way that is right for you.

This upcoming event on August 10, 2018 will focus on sexual wellness and removing toxic loads from the body to obtain optimal health. Incredible doctors like our very own Dr. Yolie, Dr. Lizbeth Roy, and Dr. Emilia Ripoll M.D. will be bringing you 30 years of research data and test studies.

Please register today for this amazing event!

Topics that will be covered: Latest discoveries in the biological medical community related to sexual wellness, prostate health, ovary health, cancer, and toxic loads in the mouth that are harming your overall health.