Sedation Dentistry

Natural Awakenings Feb. 2018
By. Dr. Cintron

sedation dentistryHave you known someone with a dental need and they are avoiding it? Postponing dental care?

In 2018 we were able to help so many very sick people and we thank God for His healing power. These patients were able to overcome their fears and objections and have a breakthrough.

It saddens me when a patient is referred by a well-intentioned health care provider and the patient wants it to get well, needs to get well but they have had a bad experience or a phobia and they cancel their appointment because of fear.

A patient of mine named Betty was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and was treated successfully but unfortunately, it spread to her bone a few years later. Her doctor advised her to treat her dental needs first but she canceled her appointment and went received her cancer treatment first and then came to see us but it was too late. In her confusion and overwhelmed state, she did not follow the order of treatment that was going to give her the best outcome. Unfortunately, I was not able to render treatment to Betty because her cancer treatment will not allow her bone to heal, and she would get Osteonecrosis of her jaw bone. Betty left devastated.

Like Betty, we have other patients with prostate cancer, Hashimoto’s, MS, ADD, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Autoimmune disease, kidney, UTI’s, Candida, Gut, and intestinal dysbiosis. Thyroid, neurological conditions, depression, bad breath, respiratory problems, lung disease, heart disease and all these health issues do not allow our bodies to heal successfully because if the oral biofilm is sick then the gut flora is out of balance. Remember your digestion starts in your mouth. Don’t be afraid to get the work done, with sedation dentistry it is gentle, easy, and safe.

One case that made me very sad was a 49 year old patient with a mouth full of mercury amalgam fillings, her chief complaint was that her levels of mercury were very high on her Tri_test for heavy metals, she felt she was losing her mind, could not remember anything, it was affecting her professional life, she was very depressed and as we were talking we were able to hear her asking the same questions without a recollection of what was discussed ten minutes prior. Further testing proved dementia. Doctors like Dr. Perlmutter, specializing in the connection between our diets and brain health are urging patients to remove mercury amalgam fillings before doing a detox to avoid further damage to the brain by neurotoxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, etc.

It is important for you to take action in the proper order and in 2019 get your health in order in your mouth with a dental revision, first your gums, bone, and teeth have to be infection free, caries free, mercury free, heavy metals free and root canals must be revised, (see

We live in an amazing time, the 21st Century, with technologies and treatment therapies that you can address most fears. In our practice, we have heard it all and have developed strategies to honor and address the challenges. For each fear, there is a way to help you overcome it. One of our strategies is using Sedation dentistry at different levels, after your consult, we can determine what strategy is best for you.

We have been doing Sedation dentistry for over 21 years. 99% of dental appointments broken are due to fear. Most people don’t want to acknowledge its due to fear and they will make an excuse. Maybe they are afraid of losing control or post-op pain. But there are things you can do to avoid that successfully. We want to help you achieve your goals in 2019 not only dental health but physical health, emotional health for you to overcome what’s holding you back from getting healthy. Sometimes we will find time for a vacation before you find time to get a tooth out or get a dental infection taken care of. But being like an ostrich and putting your head in the sand is only going to make it worse. So make 2019 a year of courage and resolution – remember we can sedate you and make the experience (Un)Forgettable.

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Love, Dr. Yolie