The Common Symptoms Indicating Gum Disease – The Serious, Yet Often Silent, Threat To Your Oral Health

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Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a common oral health concern for patients in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that often progresses silently, with minimal symptoms, making it crucial to recognize these common symptoms for effective treatment. Recognizing these signs, including inflammation, can empower patients to take proactive steps toward maintaining optimal oral health and preventing the potentially severe consequences of untreated gum disease. Here are the top symptoms Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the team at The International Center for Dental Excellence would like you to know, which indicate you are suffering from gum disease. The Common Symptoms of Gum Disease Seek … Continue reading

Protecting your smile from gum disease, resolving gingivitis conservatively and quickly

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Our valued patients travel globally to The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These individuals benefit from the considerable talents of our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron. The gums play a starring role in creating, restoring, and sustaining a jaw-dropping gorgeous smile. Furthermore, Dr. Cintron has an array of conservative, precision techniques and treatments for gum disease, from “early” gingivitis to advanced periodontitis.  The phases of the disease When partnering with a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Cintron, there are numerous opportunities to detect gum disease in its earliest stages. Early detection supports early treatment. … Continue reading

Key Facts You Should Know about Gum Infection Treatment

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Gum disease will never go away on its own. If left untreated, the infection will spread, putting you at risk of losing your teeth. Through routine dental checkups, Dr. Yolanda Cintron can detect signs of gum infection in its early stage (gingivitis) when it’s easy to treat. Through early treatment, Dr. Cintron can reverse gingivitis symptoms. At The International Center for Dental Excellence, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we also offer severe gum infection treatment to help manage serious cases of periodontal disease. Gum Disease Stages and Symptoms Gum disease generally starts small and escalates over time. In its early stages, you … Continue reading

Importance of Gum Disease Treatment

Early Gum Disease Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

Anyone is susceptible to gum disease. Poor oral hygiene habits and irregular dental cleanings can lead to tooth infections and gingivitis, the early form of gum disease. When left unchecked, gingivitis can escalate into a more severe gum infection called periodontal disease, which can cause tooth loss. Early gum disease treatment from The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can reverse gum damage and protect your teeth. If you’re experiencing symptoms of early gum disease, contact your Fort Lauderdale dentist to get the treatment you need. Gum Disease Symptoms In its early stages, gingivitis may cause red, … Continue reading