Relaxing IV sedation fights even the most intense dental fear at the holistic dentist’s office

Relaxing IV sedation fights even the most intense dental fear at the holistic dentist’s office

The Sunshine State is home to more than 7,300 dentists; however, only a select few are qualified and licensed to administer intravenous (IV) sedation. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Yolanda Cintron of The International Center for Dental Excellence is among this distinctive group. And, true to our name, individuals travel from around the globe to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to benefit from Dr. Cintron’s unique and advanced level of expertise in a range of dentistry disciplines, including relaxing sedation.  Fighting dental fear with a holistic approach  Thanks to scientific advances, modern dental treatments, including complex oral surgery, are far more comfortable than in … Continue reading

Trust our unique qualifications in IV (“sleep”) dentistry for your most relaxing, comfortable experience

Relaxing Sleep Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

There are more than 3,100 “general dentists” in Fort Lauderdale and greater Miami, Florida. However, only a small percentage of these dental offices are equipped and qualified to provide safe sleep sedation dentistry. Intravenous (or IV) sedation is also referred to as “sleep dentistry” because it induces a state of deep relaxation. Since patients fall asleep, IV sedation is appropriate for patients with moderate to severe dental fear or other serious challenges to getting the dental care necessary for oral and systemic health.  Our globally-recognized cosmetic and holistic dentist at The International Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Yolanda Cintron, has … Continue reading

Sleep Sedation Dentistry for Fearless Dental Visits

Sleep Sedation Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

Imagine dental visits where you feel no anxiety or fear and look forward to your dental treatment. That’s what you can expect from sleep sedation dentistry at The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We offer various sedation options to meet your dental care needs, including intravenous conscious sedation for complex dental treatments. IV sedation makes you drowsy enough to fall asleep during your procedure, so you feel no anxiety or fear. When you wake up, you’ll have no recollection of what occurred during your visit. If you have dental phobia, IV sedation makes dental care a … Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL area patients can use IV sedation to enjoy less stressful or anxious dental treatments

IV Sedation for Dental Treatment in Fort Lauderdale area

Having good oral health is essential. Patients must get appropriate treatment right away when problems arise. However, if you are worried about your oral health but the idea of visiting the dental office or seeking treatment in the dental chair gives you feelings of anxiety, you may not take the initiative to get the dental help you need. In situations like this, patients are putting their oral health at risk and may need to deal with more damaging or expensive dental work in the future if they leave these problems untreated. Many of these issues only get worse and can … Continue reading