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Get your kissable smile

A luxury lifestyle that owes its incomparable appeal to superior sartorial service and efficient deliverance. Kissable Smiles evolve but never changes radically. An unmistakable, timeless practice standing for an unconventional luxury which, season after season, combines innovation with the strong knowledgeable assets of its origins. Essence lies in its contrasting yet complementary factors. The Kissable […]

10 Tips for a Kissable Smile

See your dentist for fresh breath: The main causes of bad breath are gum disease, broken fillings, dehydration, diets rich in aromatic foods (garlic, onions, etc.), poor hygiene, smoking, systemic diseases, and improper nutrition. Teeth Whitening: A bright smile can make someone look 15 years younger. Be aware that if you have cracks in your […]

Long-Lasting Tooth Restorations

To ensure your tooth restorations last a long time (sometimes a lifetime!) Dr. Cintron uses the strongest and most natural-looking porcelain composite material available. Used for dental inlays and onlays, Empress porcelain composite material is designed to be long-lasting to withstand the wear and tear your teeth are subjected to every day. Plus, this porcelain […]

Four Generations of Beautiful Smiles

“Dear Dr. Cintron, I don’t know how to thank you and all your beautiful staff for everything you have done for my family!! You made my Mom feel so comfortable and completely at ease to go through the procedure on her mouth… I can’t believe how healthy and fast healing her surgery was, due to […]

Extreme dental makeover

This is Jennifer Benitez, she had an extreme dental makeover, gum disease treatment, and jaw reconstruction to give her a normal profile, implant to replace a hopeless tooth, and had her cavities restored plus ten porcelain veneers.