Patients from around the globe benefit from Dr. Yolanda Cintron’s world-class dental technologies!

Dr. Yolanda Cintron and The International Center for Dental Excellence are proud to offer world-class treatment to patients from around the globe! Dr. Cintron is pleased to add the Waterlase laser system by BIOLASE® Technology to her menu of advanced services and a suite of next-generation tools.

From deep cleaning to decay treatment, Waterlase is revolutionizing dentistry.

Waterlase Laser Machine - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Waterlase combines the proven precision of laser devices with a gentle and continuous spray of water. The water helps to keep the tooth hydrated throughout treatment, which reduces excess heat. When heat is minimized, patients enjoy a more comfortable and safe procedure. Conventional dental instruments such as drills and burs produce heat. They also remove large chunks of tooth structure and can produce cracks. These cracks allow for bacteria to enter the treated tooth, giving rise to a possible re-infection. Laser-based treatments are a conservative approach; they preserve natural tooth structure by precisely removing damaged or infected tissues. The surrounding tissue is untouched!

An investment in your health and smile

Patients travel from near and far for Dr. Cintron’s advanced and natural alternatives to traditional dental procedures. Many of these devices and techniques are well-suited for patients who have had negative experiences with conventional dentistry. Waterlase is exceptionally suited for anxious or fearful patients because treatment is so minimally invasive. In fact, many patients tolerate treatment so well that no anesthetic (no needles!) are required to complete routine procedures. Waterlase “cuts” through the tooth when the laser beam makes contact with the tissue and activates the water molecules in our teeth. Patients avoid invasive drilling or cutting with scalpels, and all of the sources of anxiety that accompany these traditional dental instruments – vibration, pressure, grinding noise, bleeding, and so on.

Experience dentistry of the future today, with lasers at The International Center for Dental Excellence:

  • No lingering numbness, puffiness from traditional anesthetic
  • Little to no tenderness before and after with gentle treatment
  • Faster and natural healing
  • A more pleasant chairside experience
  • Preserve more natural tissue with minimally-invasive dentistry

Since Waterlase’s unique features minimize heat and other sources of discomfort, dental care is a more convenient and pleasant experience for even the most “dentally fearful” among us. Waterlase is so well-tolerated that procedures formerly requiring multiple appointments with conventional dentistry can be combined into a single, “same-day” treatment. Visitors will be able to spend less time chairside, and more time exploring all of the wonderful beauty and attractions that Fort Lauderdale, FL has to offer!

We look forward to showing you Florida hospitality, and today’s sophisticated and gentle approaches to dental care. Call (954) 945-7355 to schedule your appointment at The International Center for Dental Excellence, or request an appointment online.

Cavity preparation (Class 1)

Cavity preparation (Class 1) Explainer Video

Cavity preparation (Class 2)

Cavity preparation (Class 2) Video

REPAIR-Perio Procedure

REPAIR-Perio Procedure

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