Restore the Health and Appearance of Your Smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction from The International Center for Dental Excellence can restore your smile if you have not often been smiling because of tooth loss, damaged teeth, or gum disease. Your damaged smile might seem hopeless, but personalized full-mouth rehabilitation by Dr. Yolanda Cintron and the team can restore your dental function and appearance.

Full Mouth Dental Restoration in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

What are the procedures involved in full mouth restoration?

No two mouths are alike, so your restorative procedure may differ from that of your friend. Only the dental team working on your mouth can determine the right treatments to suit your dental needs. A full mouth reconstruction consists of cosmetic and restorative dental care procedures such as:

  • Teeth replacement: Whether you have lost your teeth because of disease or trauma, we can help you replace what you lost. We offer numerous tooth replacement options, including dental implants and bridges, to fix your smile.
  • Metal-free crowns: We use all-ceramic dental crowns to restore the appearance and health of your teeth.
  • Periodontal care: Battling gum disease? We offer periodontal cleaning to restore your gums after mild to moderate gum disease. For patients with advanced gum infection (periodontitis), soft tissue grafting can help restore healthy gums.
  • Orthodontics: We provide Invisalign treatment to correct malocclusion and crooked teeth. Instead of using wire-connected metal brackets, Invisalign uses removable, nearly invisible trays to perfect your teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers: Our cosmetic dentist can place wafer-thin porcelain coverings on your front teeth to cover up chips, stains, cracks, and gaps.
  • Metal-free dental fillings: We use toxic-free and tooth-colored dental fillings to treat cavities while preserving the natural aesthetics of your smile.

Before and After Images of Full Mouth Rehabilitation


We take a holistic approach when restoring your smile — we do not treat your symptoms in isolation but instead treat you as a whole person. We also use safe materials to ensure we address your health problems without introducing new ones into your body.

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Regain your healthy smile with full mouth reconstruction

Do you need extensive dental work to improve your smile and dental health? If so, you can trust The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with your full mouth rehabilitation. We have the skills, experience, and technology to help you feel and look your best. Call (954) 945-7355 to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Yolanda Cintron
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