Fighting Peridontal Disease and Tooth Decay
Fighting Peridontal Disease and Tooth Decay

Bacteria living in your mouth can cause gingivitus, gum disease, and decay, which can lead to the loss of teeth. We have all heard the term “gingivitus”, but what does it really mean? Gingivitus literally means “inflamed” or swollen gums. Over time, gingivitus spreads from gums to bone, causing a severe infection called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease destroys gum tissue and bone surrounding your teeth. If periodontal disease is not professionally treated, it will cause loss of teeth.

Periodontal Disease & Tooth Decay are Contagious

Bacteria living in your mouth are transferable through a kiss and can be passed between couples and from parents to children. Warning signs that you may have periodontal disease include bleeding gums, bad breath, bad taste, recessions, movement of teeth and tender gums. Research also has linked periodontal disease to serious health problems.

  • Bacteria living in your mouth can spread to other areas of your body and lead o serious health problems
  • Adult gum disease increases the risk of stroke
  • Inhaling bacteria from your mouth can lead to pneumonia and serious lung infections
  • Gum disease can increase the risk of fatal heart attack and cardiovascular disease
  • Women with advanced gum disease are at risk of giving birth to underweight or preterm babies

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