Speed Healing Time and Regrow Tissue Faster with Regenerative Dentistry Techniques by Dr. Cintron – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Using advanced technology and platelets extracted from your own blood, the International Center for Dental Excellence is excited to offer Regenerative Dentistry techniques. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used by orthopedic surgeons for years to help patients recover from deep wounds and sports injuries faster. It’s also been proven to accelerate healing in dental patients.

How it works

Dr. Cintron uses Endoret™ Technology to extract a high concentration of your own biologically nutrient rich blood cells, spins it in a centrifuge to produce the platelet rich plasma, and then injects it back into your body. The high concentration of platelets ensures rapid growth of new bone and soft tissue.

Plasma Rich Growth Technology offers you the following advantages:

  • Greatly decreases tooth extraction recovery time
  • Increases bone and tissue growth
  • Eliminates disease transmission since PRP uses a patient’s own blood
  • Assures long-term success in dental implant placement
  • PRP is very convenient because the PRP is processed in our own office, under sterile conditions while the patient is undergoing treatment

In addition to using PRP therapy in dental procedures, Dr. Cintron is also using Catalina Plasma Rich Cell Therapy  in cosmetic treatments to eliminate deep wrinkles and improve skin texture to reveal younger, fresher, and healthier skin!

If you would like to learn more about Regentative Dental Techniques and how PRP can be used during your next dental procedure, call our office today to schedule a Consultation with Dr. Cintron.  We offer easy financing options.

Success Stories

Wow! What An Incredible Dentist
Wow! What an incredible dentist. Dr. Cintron is like no other. She teaches, she is truthful and she is really concerned about her patients well being. Her assistant Eileen is phenomenal as well. She is highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. Eileen is like a walking knowledge bank of insight and eye opening information. A trip to this dentist could change the way you treat your teeth and the future of your health forever. Incredible experience. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes to achieve the best level of treatment and health. Dr. Cintron and Office is like no dentist I've ever met.