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There are more than 3,100 “general dentists” in Fort Lauderdale and greater Miami, Florida. However, only a small percentage of these dental offices are equipped and qualified to provide safe sleep sedation dentistry. Intravenous (or IV) sedation is also referred to as “sleep dentistry” because it induces a state of deep relaxation. Since patients fall asleep, IV sedation is appropriate for patients with moderate to severe dental fear or other serious challenges to getting the dental care necessary for oral and systemic health. 

Relaxing Sleep Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

Our globally-recognized cosmetic and holistic dentist at The International Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Yolanda Cintron, has the training, licensing, and onsite capabilities to offer IV sedation or no-stress sleep dentistry. 

The process 

If Dr. Cintron determines that you are a good candidate to benefit from this advanced sedative method, it is imperative to arrange for transportation to and from our office. The relaxing effects of IV sedation linger. So, to ensure your safety, we ask that you refrain from operating any machine (including vehicles!) for at least 24 hours post-treatment. Since intravenous sedation induces such a deep state of relaxation, the muscular tension associated with treatment is avoided. 

For these and other reasons, Dr. Cintron emphasizes the “no-stress” nature of IV treatment. You remain relaxed, emotionally and physically. In turn, every step of the process is comfortable; there is peace of mind prior to treatment, relaxing effects take hold quickly chairside, and you remain comfortable afterward. 

As its name suggests, the appropriate medication in the proper dosage for you is delivered intravenously through a vein directly into your bloodstream. Your vitals are monitored throughout, and adjustments to the medication can be made promptly. We have considerable control at every step in the process, and you are in exceptional hands due to our in-house capabilities and qualifications. 

Sleep dentistry may also be complemented by analgesics (pain-relieving medications) to ensure the utmost comfort. Furthermore, since we do not need to take breaks and you remain so relaxed, Dr. Cintron can complete treatment quickly. So, sleep sedation may be well-suited to those patients with lengthy, complex, and multi-step appointments on the horizon. 

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We may recommend oral conscious sedation for patients with less severe dental apprehension or less complex treatment needs. This is the clinical way of referring to taking a sedative medication orally (by mouth) in pill form. While many patients may doze off, oral sedation does not induce the deep state of “sleep” associated with its intravenous counterpart.

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