Look and feel your best with long-lasting Restylane & Perlane treatments from Dr. Cintron!

Our skin changes quality as we grow older. It can lose its smoothness and elasticity. If you’re not ready for cosmetic surgery, but you’re ready to enhance your natural beauty then it may be time try one of the facial rejuvenation techniques from Dr. Cintron.

Mirav Restylane Mirav before and after Restylane
Stacy Restylane Stacy before and after Restylane
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What is Restylane-L® & Perlane-L® Injectable Gel?

Restylane and Perlane are clear injectable gels made of hyaluronic acid, and are specially designed to work with your own body’s chemistry to add volume and fullness to skin. They both work to correct wrinkles, folds, crow’s feet, and laugh lines.

Restylane is one of the safest ways to enhance your appearance. It is scientifically proven to provide instant and long-lasting results. More than 15 million treatments have been performed worldwide. It can also be used to add volume to your lips for a soft luscious mouth and a truly kissable smile.

Perlane is slightly different than Restylane. It does a better job at smoothing and eliminating deeper and more severe wrinkles. The main difference between the two treatments is the application technique. Perlane has larger particles which are injected deeper into the skin.

Additional Benefits

If you’re concerned about potential pain and discomfort from treatment, rest assure that both Restylane and Perlane are combined with lidocaine to reduce discomfort during and after treatment. While there may be some swelling and tenderness, most patients find symptoms to be very mild. Results are almost immediate and can last up to six months in some cases.

Dr. Cintron is a skilled doctor who practices environmentally safe, holistic dentistry. Her gentle touch and effective methods of skin rejuvenation techniques will have you looking up to ten years younger!

Reverse the signs of aging with a visit to the International Center for Dental Excellence. Schedule your Cosmetic Consultation with Dr. Cintron today, and find out which Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic treatment option is right for you We offer easy financing options.

Success Stories

Review by Mark M.
Dr Cintron and her staff are really great. My 21 year old broke one of his front bottom teeth. It did not survive the trauma and needed to be extracted and replaced with an implant and crown. Dr Cintron gently put him at ease and did a beautiful job on his tooth. Highly recommend!!!
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