Sleep Sedation Dentistry for Fearless Dental Visits

Imagine dental visits where you feel no anxiety or fear and look forward to your dental treatment. That’s what you can expect from sleep sedation dentistry at The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We offer various sedation options to meet your dental care needs, including intravenous conscious sedation for complex dental treatments. IV sedation makes you drowsy enough to fall asleep during your procedure, so you feel no anxiety or fear. When you wake up, you’ll have no recollection of what occurred during your visit. If you have dental phobia, IV sedation makes dental care a breeze.

Sleep Sedation Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale FL Area

Who Can Benefit from Intravenous Conscious Sedation?

Anyone who suffers from dental anxiety and fear can benefit from the soothing effects of IV sedation. In addition to dental phobia patients, we offer IV sedation to patients who:

  • Have difficulty sitting for lengthy treatments
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have difficulty getting numb or staying numb with anesthetics
  • undergo extensive or multiple treatments

We strive to help our patients have a relaxing, painless, fearless dental experience through sleep sedation dentistry. With less stress, anxiety, and fear, you’re more likely to schedule dental visits when needed. If you have dental phobia, sedation dentistry makes it easy to get routine dental care to preserve your teeth’ health, function, and beauty.

Dental Care You Can Receive Under IV Sedation

IV sedation can be used as a relaxing agent for almost any restorative or cosmetic dental procedure, such as:

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Dr. Cintron can adjust your sedation accordingly to coincide with your treatment. Intravenous conscious sedation starts working quickly and keeps you relaxed throughout your treatment. Remember that you’ll need a driver to take you home afterward.

With conscious sedation, you never have to fear dental services ever again! Contact your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron, from The International Center for Dental Excellence, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to learn more about sleep sedation dentistry or schedule sedation dental treatment at (954) 945-7355.

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