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Even if you have an identical twin, your face is unique. Every life experience, habit, and smile have developed the character that is beautifully you. Dr. Yolanda Cintron understands. She also knows that your goals for oral health and smile enhancement are personal to you. Doctor treats patients from FL area and internationally including these countries Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Bahamas, Panama, Israel, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Dominicon republic, South Africa. Dr. Cintron is known as the cosmetic dentist who delivers the look you want, without compromising wellness to achieve it.

Fresh approach to dentistry

The practice of dentistry is virtually as old as the human race. Yet advances are continually being made, with dramatic benefits for patients. Dr. Cintron brings time tested concepts together with leading edge materials and techniques, for a vibrant take on dentistry. As a biological cosmetic dentist, this includes using the safest available methods to restore teeth and reinstate dental health. She employs natural processes that minimize toxic load on the body, fostering overall wellness.

Change all these to:

  • Veneers
  • Zirconium implants
  • Full mouth reconstructions
  • Smile makeovers
  • Sedation dentistry

Modern lasers and the option of gentle sedation help to ensure pleasant, painless dental experiences.

So much more than teeth

A smile might start at your lips, but it does not end there. Every feature of your face contributes to the confidence you feel in business and social situations. This Fort Lauderdale, FL cosmetic dentist develops individualized smile makeover strategies to get teeth and gums looking their best. Then, complete your look with Latisse lash enhancement, and plasma rich cell therapy or injectable dermal fillers to smooth wrinkles.

Dental care that is all about you

At The International Center for Dental Excellence you will not feel rushed, pressured into decisions, or overlooked. You are an important part of the treatment planning team, and your time is important. Consultations are private and unhurried. We offer financing alternatives that take insurance out of the equation, so you get the dental care you need and the cosmetic enrichment you deserve.

Visit our bright, cheerful office on East Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. It is easy to access, just off Route 870, and there is ample parking on site. The number is (954) 945-7355. We are a multi-lingual office, and new patients are always welcome.

Welcome to The International Center for Dental Excellence by Dr. Yolanda Cintron

Welcome to The International Center for Dental Excellence
Dr. Yolanda Cintron is a biological cosmetic dentist, this includes using the safest available methods to restore teeth and reinstate dental health. She employs natural processes that minimize toxic load on the body, fostering overall wellness. Watch this welcome video to her practice The International Center for Dental Excellence.

Welcome to The International Center for Dental Excellence

Hello, my name is Dr. Yolanda Cintron. I am a Biological Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist. Welcome to my practice.

These are some photos of my before-and-after pictures. I love doing cosmetic dentistry because it transforms lives.

Since COVID-19, we have taken it to the next level with air purification systems. We already had air purification systems in all the rooms.

We have added UV lighting into the air-conditioning areas and the IQ pro-anti-molecule purification system, which does a more professional level of purification.

We monitor all your vitals with medical-grade devices, the EKG, CO2, and oxygenation.

We have Ozone that has been the buzzword in the medical field. We use it to kill bacteria during the surgical procedures and also for the preparations of the team.

This is my surgical room. All our procedures are documented with photographs.

We have my favorite piece of equipment, which is my laser. Laser Dentistry is the way to go, and I have been using it for 22 years.

So if you need an extraction and the doctor pulls a hammer and a chisel, you know, you have a better option.

The laser is beautiful. It contaminates and separates the tissues gently without destruction. We can do surgeries, extractions, contamination of tubules, and so much more.

We also have the Plasma-rich growth factor, which is the pass for the rejuvenation processes. We have been using it for fifteen years in our surgical procedures.

A lot of our patients have risk meaning that the medical history is compromised. So we add a lot of things that will take them to the next level of healing.

Contact us today for all your dental needs.

Success Stories

Thanks, Dr. Cintron!!!
Review by Ted S.
I am reminded after my routine oral cleaning yesterday that my dental visits to Dr. Cintron are the most important medical appointment I make every year. I've been seeing Dr. Cintron for 15 + years, and she has had more influence on my good health than any other doctor I see. Good health overall, starts in the mouth. Thanks, Dr. Cintron.
Best Dental Experiences
Review by Elaine V.
I have known Dr. Cintron for years....and decided to use her services after my dentist retired. I have never been through such a thorough and educational consultation in my lifetime with regard to my teeth, my dental health and future treatments. I recommend her highly..and her team of professionals. Her spiritual messages are also welcomed.
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