Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums with Comfortable, Convenient and Precise Dental Treatment

At our office, we don’t just believe our patients deserve the best customer service, and expert care, we also believe they deserve the greatest technology. At our practice, we care about your overall health and want to do our part to ensure that you have a long and healthy life. A part of that is the technology that we use in our office.

3D CT Scan CT scans are used to produce thorough and precise data and imaging of your teeth. 3D CT scans are useful in many procedures, including the placement of tooth implants. Dr. Cintron uses CT scans in diagnosis, treatment, and post-op examinations.
Amalgam Separator After an amalgam removal procedure, Dr. Cintron uses H5 Amalgam Separators to dispose of the old silver amalgam filling. These separators keep the particles contained and stop them from being re-released into the environment where they could do harm.
Digital X rays are lower radiation than regular x rays, and allow us to see your teeth clearly and better notice any potential problems. The earlier a problem is noticed, the easier it will be to fix.
EKG Monitoring Our EKG monitors provide vital sign and respiratory data. While we administer sedation dentistry, we can monitor your vital signs to make sure that you are completely safe. EKG monitoring allows us to administer just the right level of sedation dental treatment.
KaVo DIAGNOdent Laser This laser allows us to detect hidden cavities that may be hiding in your teeth and prevent further tooth decay.
Pro Select Pro Select is a therapy system that allows us to effectively treat and prevent gum disease. Its three step approach combines ultrasonics, ultrasonics with medicaments and heated subgingival irrigation.
Waterlase Lase Instead of a conventional dental drill, Waterlase uses laser energy. It is more comfortable, convenient, and precise. Less anesthetic is needed because Waterlase performs dental procedures without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill.

Dr. Cintron invests in technology that will make her procedures even better and more effective for her patients. To find out more about our technology. Call us today.

Success Stories

Wow! What An Incredible Dentist
Wow! What an incredible dentist. Dr. Cintron is like no other. She teaches, she is truthful and she is really concerned about her patients well being. Her assistant Eileen is phenomenal as well. She is highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. Eileen is like a walking knowledge bank of insight and eye opening information. A trip to this dentist could change the way you treat your teeth and the future of your health forever. Incredible experience. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes to achieve the best level of treatment and health. Dr. Cintron and Office is like no dentist I've ever met.