• O
    Olivia M.

    Amazing quality service! Dr. Cintrons office offers cutting edge technology and the latest techniques, I’ve loved having my treatment done with her, she’s truly the best doctor. She’s very gentle and understanding of ones fears and concerns regarding treatment. The staff is also super detail-oriented and focused on the patients needs, they’re very caring and professional!! Extremely unique office

  • M
    Mark M.

    Dr Cintron and her staff are really great. My 21 year old broke one of his front bottom teeth. It did not survive the trauma and needed to be extracted and replaced with an implant and crown. Dr Cintron gently put him at ease and did a beautiful job on his tooth. Highly recommend!!!

  • I
    Isabel V.

    Wow! What an incredible dentist. Dr. Cintron is like no other. She teaches, she is truthful and she is really concerned about her patients well being. Her assistant Eileen is phenomenal as well. She is highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. Eileen is like a walking knowledge bank of insight and eye opening information. A trip to this dentist could change the way you treat your teeth and the future of your health forever. Incredible experience. Highly recommend to anyone who wishes to achieve the best level of treatment and health. Dr. Cintron and Office is like no dentist I’ve ever met.

  • M
    Miguel T.

    After some online researching of holistic dentistry we found Dr. Cintron and made a appointment for my son. We were mostly concerned about extracting all the toxic materials from existing conventional dentistry, I.e. fillings and metal caps. Dr. Cintron was definitely well versed in this area and paciente will explaining all the details of the process. The office was well equipped with all the necessary equipment to assure a healthy environment, from air quality to tools used and even healthy snacks and treated water. Staff was very welcoming and cheerful. The Dr is by far the best I’ve been to yet, kind hearted, attentive and very knowledgeable.

  • F
    Flo M.

    Dear Dr. Cintron, Thank you so much it was an amazing experience. Very pro, clean and your staff was very helpful. We will recommend you to our friends. Thanks and happy New Year! Flo

  • T
    Thomas V.

    Dr Cintron and staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I don’t know many people who like going to the dentist because of past experiences, but if you want to get to the root of many problems in your body (not just your mouth) you should consider a consultation at this clinic, they are highly proficient, very considerate of your needs and concerns and address the whole body through specific high tech testing. Don’t put off going to see Dr Cintron, procrastination is the thief of health! Thank you Dr Cintron, Kim, Massy, Hamilton, Eileen and all the staff, you all made it a great experience!

  • E
    Elaine V.

    I have known Dr. Cintron for years….and decided to use her services after my dentist retired. I have never been through such a thorough and educational consultation in my lifetime with regard to my teeth, my dental health and future treatments. I recommend her highly..and her team of professionals. Her spiritual messages are also welcomed.

  • F
    Faye N.
    The most caring, compassionate team I’ve ever encountered at a dental office. Their holistic practices and sensitivity to patient issues makes them the only dental office I will trust from now on. Stop putting off what must be done – go see Dr. Cintron!
  • E
    Emilia R.

    Have never felt more taken care off physically and emotionally. The level of care is exceptional and the knowledge base superior to any biological dentist I have ever worked with. The technology and equipment is state of the ART.

  • G
    Gwenn R.

    I really hate going to the dentist except here. Dr. Citron is so compassionate kind and qualified. amazing job. Best dentist experience ever here. You can trust them with your smile for sure.

  • J
    Judy T.

    Dr Cintron is a very knowledgeable holistic practioner with many high tech options and procedural expertise. She is loving and informative as she cares for her patients with the concern for excellence and comfort. I live in SC but travel to Ft Lauderdale to see her because I trust her in every way to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. You will also be impressed with her insights medically and with whole body health concerns many which stem from proper dental care. She is a must see if you want a cutting edge and experienced clickable.

  • A
    Alla Z.

    Dr. Cintron and all her stuff are very professional and knowledgeable. Eileen, who did high quality X-rays, also provided doctor and me with perfect pictures, so that Dr. Cintron was able to explain me my dental situation and available treatment plans. Hamilton did excellent cleaning too. Thank you.

  • S
    Susan L.

    I am so thankful to have a holistic dentist who understands how dental health affects the entire body. Dr Cintron removed two teeth that had previous root canals and had continued to give me problems. I trust Dr Cintron and her entire team to help me care for my dental hygiene and health. Everyone is friendly and professional and they feel like family to me!

  • A
    Angela K.

    We have a fantastic team under the Holistic leadership of Dr. Cintron; that’s very refreshing. Each team member supports the effort to provide me the best direction and methods to reach my ultimate goal of wholeness. These methods affect each of us differently as we are individuals not cookie cut outs and our treatments and plans need to be customized to fit those needs and this team gets it. Phew! It’s been a long journey to find a team that I can incorporate into my own and trust them with my dental health care which affects my overall general health, mental clarity and spiritual presence. I am confident about the work they have begun and look forward to the completion.

  • S
    Susan V.

    This is the best dental experiences I have ever had. Dr. Cintron is a caring professional. She is a master technician who has surrounded herself with the best possible team. I trust her implicitly and respect and value her opinions on my best course of treatment. If you can’t tell yet I’m really happy with my dentist

  • M
    Mary A.

    Dr. Cintron and her staff are the best. Everyone is courteous, patient, caring. I always feel like I am their only patient.

  • J
    Jen E.

    I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Cintron and her amazing staff. I have had extensive work done (caps and bridges replaced, mercury extracted, root canal cleaned out, and new bridge). She and her staff were honest, caring, and treated me so kindly. I had to drive five hours for each appointment, but I would not trust anyone else! I had a very extensive infection in my mouth and it’s so important to make sure it was taken care of correctly. I’m so thankful to be on the other side of all of the work, but especially thankful for Dr. Cintron and her heart to really help people get better. I’m a natural cancer survivor and Dr. Cintron has worked with many cancer patients. She even prayed with me as we rejoiced that a cancer test showed my numbers going down.

  • D
    Danielle A.

    From the very first appointment you know that you are with the best of the best who truly cares about you. Dr. Cintron is a one of a kind find! I have the best dentist surrounded by the best team! Thank you all so much for my incredible smile.

  • M
    Marlin Y.

    She and everybody there were pleasant and helpful to me. I highly recommend!

  • E
    Eileen E.

    Our experience with James at the front desk was amazing. We arrived for a procedure , but do to a miscommunication we were not prepared for the scope of the work planned for this particular session, nor for the respective payment. James offered the perfect solution , along with Dr. Yolanda , and we were able to go ahead with the procedure as scheduled. Thank you!

  • L
    Leila R.

    Dr Cintron has given me such excellent, caring service in all aspects of my treatment. I highly recommend her and her team of assistants who take the time to make sure the job is done right from beginning to end. Great job Yolanda! ! Thanks from my heart!!!

  • L
    Loida C.

    I just love the care and professionalism that Dr. Cintron and her team show every time. Always going beyond my expectations. They are really passionate about their work and getting the results that the client wants and needs. Totally recommend this practice!

  • B
    Bianca R.

    This is a big shout out to anyone who is looking for dental care that is truly holistic! Dr Cintron uses natural methods and materials. She is highly educated in her understanding of so many things that were important to me, as someone who endeavors to live a natural holistic lifestyle. Because of circumstances in my early years,I’ve had extreme situations with my teeth.I am so grateful that Dr.Yolanda Cintron was able to use my own DNA to rebuild gum tissue which really makes a difference in a multitude of ways. At first I was shocked at the price of Dr Cintrons work but then, after going to another dentist a few months later and seeing the alternative for cheaper, as well as doing a lot of my own research, I realized I had found a dentist like no other. A very beautiful lady inside and out, I highly recommend Dr Yolanda Cintron. The best dentist ever! Bianca Rose PS: The staff are also over the top caring and wonderful! Hamilton really is the greatest hygienist as well!

  • K
    Ken L.

    I have been searching for a biological dentist for some time, I now have one that I feel is trying to help me. It’s nice to have someone looking out for my best interest.

  • B
    Branden H.

    I’ve been going to Yolanda’s office for about 7 years now and used to walk out of other dentist offices bc I was so nervous…not here! The place feels more like a spa and the people are genuinely nice and really want to help you feel comfortable! Thank you guys! Branden Hertz

  • M
    Mark M.

    I had 16 mercury fillings. Very toxic! I wanted them out, but I wanted them to be taken out right according to the IAOMT protocol. Dr Cintron removed all my mercury fillings and removed them with the right protocol. She is very gentle and I felt know pain. Her staff was amazing as well. Great Experience. The office is very professional and friendly. I would recommend this office to everyone I know.

  • W
    Wyndi M.

    I have been impressed by this team! Dr. Cintron’s office was the closest in proximity to my house when I started researching Holistic dentists. I wanted a specific type of implant, and she offers it (zirconia not titanium). You start with a consultation which gives you the BIG picture of your mouth health. This consultation is documented with high definition pictures and education. Many people do not understand that your mouth health is connected directly to your overall health. Her team explains the connection beautifully. The choices I have made up to this point with my teeth have cost me dearly. I am now on the road to detoxifying my mouth of mercury and root canals (ticking time bombs). Holisitic dentistry does come at a cost, but it’s right in line with the other holistic dentists in the area. If it’s not something you can afford, financing is offered. I have only gotten through phase 2 of 4 at this point because of cost. I will continue until I am finished and reach optimum mouth health. I was also EXTREMELY nervous. All of the people who have had their hands in my mouth have been gentle, and if I felt pain, made sure not to continue until I was more numb. They listened. It really wasn’t bad at all. I also have to add that she prays with you and over you before surgery. As a christian, I thought this was a very nice touch. I needed the reassurance and that did it.

  • G
    Giselle V.

    Dr. Citron is an amazing Dr . All my experience was really great She is very professional and a kind person.I’ m very happy with my treatment and the natural approach.

  • B
    Brian C.

    Very thorough and professionally run office. Dr Cintron stays up to date and is very patient conscious.

  • E
    Ellen R.

    I have had a fair amont of dental work done by Dr Yolanda Cintron. The work has always turned out well – I have been very pleased with how it all looks. And the ofgice staff and associates are professionsl and caring. I was focused on finding the right biological dentist and I have in Dr Cintron.

  • M
    Maryann M.

    From the first telephone inquiry to the time you leave the International Center for Dental Excellence, the experience is just that: excellent. Professional, courteous, friendly, well spoken, caring, non-condesending, patient, knowledgeable and well informed, high tech in a user friendly way, clean and hygienic, as well as very conscientious about patient’s needs and comfort. Dental hygienist, Ellie, was the best. Dr Cintron is friendly and professional and very current in her field. I am thrilled to have found a holistic dentist who runs a top notch facility and has terrific staff all around.

  • A
    Andy B.

    Excellent cleaning by Ellie. Always kind and friendly.

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