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Do you have a broken tooth, a missing tooth, or large fillings? A crown or bridge may provide you with a long-lasting solution to restore oral function and appearance. Dr. Yolanda Cintron is a cosmetic holistic dentist. In her care at The International Center for Dental Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you are assured of dental crowns & bridges made with safe, biocompatible materials for restorations that look natural and promote whole-body wellness.

Dental crowns & bridges – Fort Lauderdale, FL dentist explains the difference

A dental crown looks like a tooth, but it is hollow. The crown is meticulously designed from impressions of your mouth and fabricated by a dental ceramist and shaded to blend beautifully with existing teeth. The crown is cemented over prepared tooth structure, with the natural root remaining in place.

Porcelain crowns are typically used to:

  • Restore a tooth with a large area of decay or a piece broken off
  • Repair a tooth after the removal of a large filling
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy, which may compromise strength of tooth structure
  • Finish a stand-alone dental implant to replace a missing tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth

Dental bridges contain two crowns with an artificial tooth (or several as in the case of a front-teeth bridge) between them. The crowns are fitted to teeth on each side of the gap, providing an anchor for the bridge. While dental implants are becoming a preferred option for tooth replacement, some situations still call for dental bridges.

Dental Bridges at The International Center for Dental Excellence

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Are you missing a tooth? Dental bridges can help replace missing teeth. Dr. Yolanda Cintron from The International Center for Dental Excellence explains all you need to know about dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is when you’re missing a tooth, and you’re not a candidate for an implant, do not desire an implant or a removable partial denture.

A bridge is placed on the missing tooth with the two teeth on either side holding the bridge.

Any old restorations or bonding on the two teeth that will hold the bridge will be removed and later replaced with a bridge.

How do you choose the material for a dental bridge?

Your immune system will determine it.

We will draw blood, send it to a lab and test your compatibility with the material used in bridges.

We can go from a bridge made out of a ceramic material such as zirconia to bridges made of gold, a precious metal.

Both are adequate for different patients, and the needs of each patient determine the application.

How do you maintain dental bridges?

To maintain your bridges, floss, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, and visit your hygenist often.

We have special dental tools that can go underneath restorations and clean them.

We like to educate our patients at the International Center for Dental Excellence, so they have great value for money.

Contact us today, and learn more about dental bridges.

Crowns & Bridges Exaplainer Video

Crowns & Bridges explainer Video

A bridge is a non-surgical way to replace one or many teeth. A bridge uses the adjacent teeth as anchors to support the missing tooth or teeth. With today’s dental advancements, a bridge can be fabricated in a fairly short period of time, using a metal or nonmetal foundation. Don’t let that missing tooth affect the way you speak, eat, and smile. Bridges yield immediate results that last a lifetime. Ask your dentist what type of bridge may be right for you.

The condition of your teeth play a large role in your overall health. Keeping this in mind, Dr. Cintron uses nontoxic, mercury-free, and metal-free materials. These caps and crowns for teeth and tooth bridges are designed to strengthen and support your natural dentition.

Caring for your smile now and into the future

Dr. Cintron stands behind the quality of her restorations. With good oral habits and regular dental care, crowns and bridges can last many years. Should a problem occur, she also provides dental bridge repair and dental crown replacement service.

At the International Center for Dental Excellence, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, attractive smile. Call (954) 945-7355 to ask about flexible payment options for dental crowns & bridges, or to schedule an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale, FL office.

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