Want Fuller Lips? Get Porcelain Veneers

Want Fuller Lips? - Get Porcelain Veneers

Want Fuller Lips? – Get Porcelain Veneers

As we age, our lips thin. Isn’t it ironic that the one place where you wish to retain some volume is the one place where it withers away? When lipstick and drawing outside the lines just becomes far too obvious, it’s time to look for a more permanent and natural-looking solution. You might be surprised to learn that cosmetic dentistry – namely, porcelain veneers – is your ticket to fuller lips.

What Causes Thin Lips?

Your lips are soft tissue, and soft tissue is supported by collagen. As you age, you produce less collagen. Thus, lips start to thin, sometimes as early as your mid-twenties! Low bone density in your jaw is also a side effect of aging. This problem can make your face appear sunken – and not in a good way – and insufficiently supports your lips, causing them to roll inward and look thinner.

Your habits also affect the look of your lips. Collagen can break down with too much sun exposure – and, let’s face it, sun exposure and Florida go hand in hand. Even if you wear lip balm or sunscreen-infused lipstick, that isn’t always enough to fight the natural aging issue of thinning lips. Licking your lips and overdoing it on the hot showers also complicate the thinness by creating lip dryness.

Do Quick Fixes Really Work?

For every cosmetic complaint there is a quick fix to go with it. The cosmetics industry is filled with lipsticks, lip plumpers, and lip venom that promise to stimulate collagen growth and enlarge lips, if you can stand the side effect of tingly lips.

Sometimes these topical solutions actually work, sometimes they don’t. But, more often than not, the beauty boost is temporary. What if you’re out to dinner and wipe off your lip gloss? Do your lips depend on this magical potion to keep them looking good for every function, date, or event? It would be far more relaxing to have a plump pout that’s permanent.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Fuller Lips

The easiest way to fuller lips is cosmetic dentistry. While it may sound like a more involved solution than you might want, consider the benefits of new smile in general – a smile makeover will make your lips look better, but that bright, white, straight, natural-looking grin will also give you the appearance of health, wealth, intelligence, and affluence.

Porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to boost your lips and recreate your smile. Customized veneers change the shape of the teeth, extending them, which makes your lips sit differently on your teeth, making lips look fuller. Plus, porcelain veneers – or Cerinate Lumineers, if you want a less invasive cosmetic dentistry solution – straighten your teeth while closing up spaces, covering cracks, and correcting imperfections.

And, of course, there is always facial cosmetic rejuvenation to help you look and feel younger and achieve those coveted bee-stung lips. Whatever your desire, contact Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to schedule a consultation and talk about the cosmetic dentistry solutions that can transform your look and your life.

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