Addressing the Controversy Over Amalgam Fillings and Non-Mercury Dentistry

Non-Mercury fillingsJust as some people are skeptical about the relationship between inflammation in the gums and mouth and cardiovascular disease, there are also people who question the legitimate danger of amalgam fillings. Some experts claim that holistic dentists who address the dangers of silver fillings are merely using this as a scare tactic or marketing scheme. But when there is any question at all about the level of toxicity in a dental solution, why would you risk its presence in your system?

Understanding Mercury Toxicity

Did you ever see a science teacher pull out a vial of liquid mercury to show evidence of the element’s uniqueness and surface tension? As a liquid, mercury seems ready to leap, reform, and shimmer away with one small movement. It can be pushed around to form incredible-looking droplets. Liquid mercury is hypnotizing – and it’s also dangerous.

Dental amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury and a powdered alloy of silver, tin, and copper. Many dentists consider amalgam fillings a safe, durable, and low-cost material with which to fill cavities. But mercury makes up about 50 percent of the dental amalgam by weight. No matter how you try to argue the point, any mercury in your system is too much mercury.

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The Path to Fillings without Mercury

Some dentists argue that if you already have amalgam fillings in your mouth, it can be more harmful to remove them than to just leave them where they are. These professionals are concerned about the mercury vapor that’s released upon the removal of amalgam fillings – as they very well should be. And if they worry, then their office is probably not prepared to safely remove amalgam fillings.

You should only have amalgam fillings removed by a dental office that is equipped with an amalgam filling removal system which is carefully designed to protect the patient, dentist, staff, and environment from any mercury vapor released during removal. Once the mercury-laced silver fillings are removed from your mouth, a holistic dentist will opt for a safer non-mercury composite filling as its replacement. It’s a nice bonus that this type of filling is not only healthier for your mouth and well-being, but it’s also tooth-colored, which means your fillings are not obvious to anyone.

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Holistic Dentistry: Focusing on Your Overall Well-Being

Holistic dentists have made it their responsibility to find materials and dental procedures that are least taxing to a patient and that their body is least likely to react. Biocompatibility testing is one methodology that helps a holistic dentist rule out certain restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatments and consider others, like zirconium dental implants over titanium dental implants.

The bottom line is that there are much better alternatives in today’s modern dental world than amalgam fillings. If you don’t want metal in your mouth, the options are available to remove any existing silver fillings and replace them with less harmful options.

Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yolanda Cintron at Fort Lauderdale’s International Center for Dental Excellence to discuss no mercury dentistry and safe amalgam removal.

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