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Holistic Dental Association 41st Symposium in San Diego

We had an amazing time in San Deigo at the Holistic Dental Association meeting. Enhancing biocompatible dentistry using the latest technologies. Highlights include: Electrosmog, electrosensitivity & dental health lecture by Dr. Magda Havas Ending the use of amalgam The latest research on diet, nutrition, and wireless technologies. Keeping healthy as we age

Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton: Honor Your Doctor Luncheon

A huge thank you to the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton for recognizing my efforts as a Cosmetic Biological Dentist striving for excellence in my community. I am so blessed to have been nominated by my extraordinary patient Michelle Mclean-Bailey. Thank you! #rotaryclub#bocaraton #bocawest #honoryourdoctor Highlights Spanish River Church pastor started in prayer thanking Jesus, […]

MicroDental Award

We are so proud of Dr. Yolanda Cintron for being recognized as an Elite Dentist by MicroDental for exhibiting significant accomplishments in Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in 2017! “Your dedication to your patients overall health and well-being does not go unnoticed, and we are very proud to have you as part of this distinguished group!” […]

Celebrating 21 Years!

On our 21’st year Anniversary this week. We love our team and cannot believe it has been 21 years in Ft. Lauderdale serving the community. Our team is dedicated and loyal. They stay late, work overtime, give everything, and go the extra mile every day for our patients. These are the most amazing people to […]

Oral Health Summit

Dear patients, last week we were listening to the Oral Health Summit online. It had dozens of cutting-edge doctors and scientists speak about what we have been sharing with you for the past 21 yrs. I am soooo happy this information is going mainstream and I dream of the day that it will be known […]

Metal Toxicity and your Health

Studies done by the Paracelsus Academy in Switzerland state that the most commonly found toxic metals in the human body are: Mercury Lead Arsenic Aluminium Cadmium And the association of these metals in your health cause: infertility/sterility abdominal pain. cramps, IBS Hyper irritability, nervous tension cancer neurological problems impotency, libido loss hypertention If you suffer […]

Dr. Yolanda Cintron – Paracelsus Academy of Biological Medicine

This past week Dr. Cintron was trained by the authority on Biological Medicine – Dr. Thomas Rau. Learning never ends when you are practicing medicine, especially if you want to bring your patients the most cutting edge knowledge available.  The course covered natural and integrated medicine, chronic disease causation, individualized diagnostic, treatments, restorative nutrition, dental […]

Food as Medicine & Detox

Nowadays, our diets are based on food that must be cooked or processed. This denaturalizes the nutrients our body needs. Absorbing the correct nutrients will restore your tissues and maintain your health from its core.  Many of us only consult a doctor when we feel sick and in the long run this could be fatal […]