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Convey confidence, vibrancy, and health with advanced smile enhancement services

Your mouth may “do the talking.” But your smile speaks volumeswithout saying a single word. Due to this central facial feature’s role in your overall appearance and well-being, there is considerable power in procedures designed for “smile enhancement.” To obtain the most natural-looking result, partnering with a qualified and talented cosmetic dentist like our own Dr. Yolanda Cintron at The International Center for Dental Excellence is essential. 

Advanced smile enhancement services in Fort Lauderdale FL area

Have dental concerns, will travel

Individuals from across the country and around the globe visit our Fort Lauderdale, Florida, center to benefit from Dr. Cintron’s artistry and technical skill. She embodies “dental excellence” by providing the highest-quality cosmetic services, from professional teeth whitening and bleaching to durable and lifelike dental bonding and veneers

Additionally, she has invested in the training and technologies to provide advanced services and capabilities that cannot be found elsewhere. No wonder her clientele hail from Spain and Switzerland, Panama and Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Costa Rica – the list of our valued patients’ “home countries” goes on and on and is ever-growing. As a testament to our excellent care, our valued patients enthusiastically put in often considerable mileage to visit our center – the destination for cosmetic and restorative dentistry that truly delivers. 

Before and After Images of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Whether you need to make over a single tooth or a mouthful of teeth, your smile and health are in great hands with our team. Dr. Cintron distinguishes herself from other dentists, near to us and much farther away, with the following: 

  • Holistic dentistryProducts and techniques considered “holistic” are not an “add-on” service to us. They are our center’s heartbeat. Dr. Cintron has carefully selected every material, amenity, instrument, and technology available at our practice. Notably, she only uses biocompatible dental materials that, as their name suggests, are compatible with biological tissues. 
  • Zirconia implantsOther dentists may apply dental implants made from titanium. We use metal-free implants for the healthiest solution to replace missing teeth. Additionally, zirconia implants look natural because they are designed like real teeth and are white, not silver or gray like metals. 
  • Conservative and safe restorations – We also use ceramics and other metal-free materials in our fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. These options are not only non-toxic and appropriate for individuals with sensitivities or who do not want metals in their mouth, but they are also tooth-preserving! Less aggressive preparation is needed to place restorations made from these materials. Such conservative treatment also supports the lasting strength of the restoration, as well as a more natural appearance, function, and feel in the mouth.
  • Laser dentistry We use lasers as a precise, painless, and quick alternative to conventional cutting techniques and instruments. Procedures that may be appropriate for laser-assisted dentistry include periodontal treatments to re-contour the gum line for a more attractive smile! 
  • Sophisticated surgical treatments – Dr. Cintron does it all! If you have lost bone and would otherwise not be a good candidate for implants, she may recommend bone grafting to build up the tissue in the jaw. This process provides a strong foundation for the implant and the prosthetic tooth or denture attached to it. Likewise, gum grafting can be performed to resolve a “long in the tooth” appearance caused by receding gums and to treat periodontal disease. 
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Of course, this is just a quick glimpse into what Dr. Cintron and The International Center for Dental Excellence have to offer to members of our extended “dental family.” Options also include orthodontic treatment with clear (and removable) Invisalign® aligners – no more silver metal braces! She looks forward to walking through the choices for enhancement to your smile during a visit to our Fort Lauderdale, FL office—call (954) 945-7355 to book your consultation today. 

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About Dr. Yolanda Cintron

Dr. Yolanda Cintron
The International Center for Dental Excellence provides world-class cosmetic and restorative dental services, combining time-tested concepts with modern technologies.

As a biological cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yolanda Cintron for over 30 years has been creating the most beautiful smiles using the highest quality materials that will last a lifetime. Her expertise and professionalism have earned her the trust of patients, not only from Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas in Florida but also from many other countries. Patients coming from around the world for her to create their new smiles and change their lives forever.

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